January 24, 2010

The Invasion of Daytime

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November 7, 2009

The Invasion of Daytime

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A comedian once commented that if people work by day, the night-time leaves you alone, and if someone works by night, the daytime constantly invades you. As a shiftworker, I could not agree with this more.

One of the down sides of my job is nightshifts, and more specifically, trying to sleep between nightshifts. It’s funny driving home from a night duty, exhausted and ready for bed, seeing the world gradually waking up. It gets less funny though, when all these people start invading my ‘night-time’!

Generally I seem to get about two hours uninterrupted sleep. This is obviously when the postman is sorting out his postbag, the DHL/FedEx/UPS men are loading up their deliveries and the salesmen are working out their sales pitches. So from about hour three, it all kicks off.

When the postman (the worst offender of the above list) has something too big to go through the letterbox he hammers on the door, again, and again, and again. I lie in bed fuming, willing him to just leave one of his ‘you missed a delivery, please pick it up’ notes, but no, he keeps hammering. Finally I think ‘ok, maybe those notes are very complex to fill out’, so I get up. Opening the door, looking like it’s about 2am in pyjamas, with hair all over the place, and the light obviously hurting my eyes, I’m greeted *every* time with ‘oh I didn’t wake you did I?’. In my mind, the air has turned blue. In reality, I mutter something about shiftwork, hoping that one of these days that fact may just stick with him. I have now been hoping this for three years so it’s getting less likely! I have been tempted to get one of those ’shiftworker trying to sleep’ signs for the door, but the vision of said unobservant postman saying ‘oh I didn’t notice that’ already makes me want to hurt him.

The plus side of all of this, and trust me I’ve struggled to find a positive, is that coming off nights sleep deprived and cranky, is *the* perfect time for making all those calls that everyone hates making. You know when you’ve discovered that the bank/insurance company/phone company [insert appropriate impossible-to-deal-with institution here] have messed up? Generally I hate calling these places and never get anywhere, but if I’ve just come off nights … Let’s just say Alex is quite happy to let me loose on them!

The last thing that interrupts my daytime sleep is the cat (unless it’s raining, then he’s happily curled up with me), but getting Jake was entirely my idea so I don’t expect any sympathy


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