January 24, 2010

Making Friends – The Modern Way

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It’s so easy to make friends as a child, other children in the neighbourhood, in their class, children of their parents’ friends. Children just seem to gravitate towards each other. But when school/college ends and everyone moves on and gets on with their own lives, how do adults make new friends?

I’ve been very lucky recently in meeting a lovely group of people through Twitter, the microblogging website. People use Twitter for all kinds of reasons, business, networking or, in my case, personal interaction.  I first ventured into Twitter out of sheer nosiness. My husband was on it for networking and met some of his fellow Tweeters at an Open Coffee Club. I started to get curious about the names I was hearing and wanted to know what it was about them that entertained my hubby so much. So I got myself a Twitter account and starting interacting with Alex’s contacts, then their wives and suddenly a whole new range of people outside his contacts.

It was just a few months ago that I found myself having a ‘virtual girls night in’ with some of the ladies on Twitter. We were all tweeting about the wine we were drinking and having a good old chat, when someone suggested doing it for real. It seemed a strange suggestion, to actually be in the same room together, yet at the same time felt like the most natural thing in the world. A few of us met up shortly after that, had a night of good food, good wine and great company.

It was taking a bit of a leap of faith for everyone, as the reality could’ve been so different from the odd 140 character message on line, but the risk paid off. I’ve met a truly amazing group of women who are supportive, funny, encouraging and hopefully friends for life!


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