January 24, 2010

Christmas Shopping Via Twitter

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This morning, the first of my Christmas shopping arrived, by post, on the doormat. We had decided this year, to do most, if not all, of our shopping online. We figured it was the best way to go, as we wanted to stick to a budget while coming up with well thought out gifts for all the family. I have a dreadful habit of getting dreary after ten minutes in the shops (I *hate* shopping unless I know exactly what i’m looking for) and paying any amount of money just get it done and get out of there!

So last week, we searched the usual sites, Amazon, Firebox, Bookdepository, and got quite a few ideas and gifts. Unfortunately it was only after the bulk of the shopping had been ordered, that I realised the potential for unusual ideas was right in front of me .. on Twitter! I had, only a few days before, checked out Celine Blacow’s website .. (@soaperstar to all you tweeters). She makes beautiful soaps – the perfect gift, I figured, for my mother-in-law! So I placed an order, they arrived only 2 days later, and they are fabulous. Of course there are many other great businesses on Twitter that I’ve come across since, for example, Lorna Sixsmith .. or @garrendennylane.

It’s now made me feel bad that I ordered so much stuff from the UK   However, I have decided next year’s shopping will be done as locally as possible and through as many Twitter friends as possible. Who’s with me??



  1. Keep the posts coming. I like reading your stuff. thanks.

    Comment by Jenny — February 5, 2010 @ 4:00 am |Reply

    • Thank you .. it’ll take a while I think .. have enjoyed writing so far so hopefully will go back to it.

      Comment by melaniedawn — February 10, 2010 @ 12:21 pm |Reply

  2. Thanks for the helpful info. I really enjoy reading posts on here.

    Comment by jeffery — February 16, 2010 @ 5:12 pm |Reply

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