January 24, 2010

Bad Karma

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The kindest, most selfless and generous person in my life is my mum. Nothing is too much trouble, I still leave her house after a visit with a ‘care package’ and she still saves up her money to treat me whenever she can. It was for these reasons that I was heartbroken to hear that she’d had her bag stolen on Christmas Eve.

Mum and Dad were out doing last minute shopping in their local Supervalu, and mum had left her bag in the trolley. She turned her back to pick something up and in that split second, her bag was snatched. The most unfortunate part of the story, is that Mum had a lot of savings in the bag (I dread to think how much, but definitely well into the hundreds) as she wanted to buy my Dad something nice for Christmas.

Now, of course she shouldn’t have been carring that amount of cash, shouldn’t have left her bag in the trolley, and shouldn’t have turned her back on it, but that’s not the point. We’re talking about a generation that saves a little cash every week from their pension, can’t be bothered with the banks and, mostly, a generation that trust the people around them. This experience, while might not shock a lot of us, is alien to them and has devastated my parents.

The hardest part of this for me, is trying to understand the type of person that does this. I understand someone seeing an easy opportunity to get a few hundred euro .. however, Mum had her drivers licence and bus pass in the bag so it obviously belonged to an older person, and her two inhalers, she has  very severe asthma. So as far as this thief knows, Mum was now without essential medication. I cannot get my head around the type of stone heart that would not, at the very least, leave the bag somewhere to be found or hand it in minus her year’s savings. I obviously have too much faith in people myself .. well, I am my mother’s daughter as everyone tells me

So now I’m trying to figure out how to try and put this right. A nice new handbag is my first job as soon as I get to the shops. As to how I restore Mum’s confidence and faith in people, I have no idea .. although I showed her everyone’s kind words on Twitter yesterday and she was overwhelmed so thank you all very much .. that’s been a good start


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